The ACT (ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET is very popular due to it’s lighter and more compact size.
The helmet is very popular with Special Forces, Militaries and Police Forces/Law Enforcement units due to it’s extreme comfort and higher flexibility in extreme conditions.

LIQUID BULLET’s ACH uses a 4-point harness system. Our harnesses use real leather for the brow band and head pads, high quality 100% cotton webbings for the chin strap and polyester and nylon webbing for the headbands. Net-mesh crowns are optional on all harnesses.

All Helmet Systems are designed to meet or exceed MIL-SDT 662 NIJ 0106.01 and/or STANAG 2720 ballistic teasing, as indicated on a product=by-product basis.


Face Shields (Visors) to protect from ballistic, fragmentation and/or Riot Threats, – Neck protection, NIJ Level 111A – Helmet plates to protect from armour piercing rounds, – Helmet bag, Visor covers and Helmet covers.

Available colours: Black, Navy, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, UN Blue, White.